An international network

Inside Modern Heritage (International Network for Studies, Investigations, Documentation and Enhancement of Modern Heritage) is a network of academics and institutions that share the same interest toward modern heritage at different layers founded in Ferrara in 2021.

The global research on modern heritage started few decades ago but it has already involved many historians, academics, curators, writers, archivists and journalists: people who were willing to improve their knowledge on this topic in order to better understand a miscellaneous phenomenon. In this wide research field, the global exchange of architectural/artistic ideas and forms over the century is an important characteristic to be highlighted which came from the geographical movements and migrations of architects and engineers. Due to these international relationships between cultures and knowledge revealing it is essential to improve the transnational cooperation through a network able to share the best practices on studies, investigation documentation and enhancement of Modern Heritage.

The international members of the net, by an interdisciplinary approach, offer their skills and expertise to achieve the main goal of promoting innovative processes and methodologies for the documentation and the enhancement of 20th century Cultural Heritage.

The network headquarter is based at the University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture which is in charge of the appointment of the Scientific Coordinator every 3 years.


The INSIDE Modern Heritage board consists of 5 people, representing his/her institution and it is formed by the network Scientific Coordinator and 4 members from University partners. Only members of University partners can be part of the board.

The board tasks are:
a) define and update the statutes;

b) define the agenda and the venue for the annual General Conference;

c) define and manage the programmes and activities of the Network;

d) foster active participation of members and invite new members and institutions to join the Network.


The INSIDE Modern Heritage Scientific committee shall be the guarantor of the scientific quality of the Network and will be involved by the Scientific Coordinator in the early stages of the preparation of documents, publications and activities.

The Scientific Committee is composed of  independent persons, highly qualified in the field of Cultural Heritage. The different professional backgrounds, disciplines and areas of specialization provide for a balanced composition of the Committee allowing for fruitful synergies within the Committee. The Committee also in terms of geography composition should achieve diversity of approaches that can greatly improve the balance between tasks to be carried out and affordable methodologies.

Partner Institutions

Escola da Cidade

Rua General Jardim, 65

Vila Buarque, São Paulo - SP


IES's College of Architecture

KC Vaidya Marg, Bandra Reclamation   Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050   


Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp

Faculdade de Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Urbanismo - FECFAU

R. Charles Darwin, 1 

Cidade Universitária

Campinas - SP 


University of Ferrara

Department of Architecture 
Via Quartieri 8, 44121 Ferrara

Mackenzie University

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism - PPGAU

Rua da Consolação, 930  

Consolação, São Paulo - SP